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Catherine Yeo is a creator, entrepreneur, and investor studying Computer Science and English at Harvard University. By the age of fifteen, she accumulated a following of hundreds of thousands for her online content and turned content creation into a business. Over the years, her writing has spanned fiction, technical blog posts, personal essays and, now, The Creator Revolution: How Today’s Creative Talents Are Shaping Our Tomorrow. Her work has previously been featured in Teen Vogue, Los Angeles Times, NBC, and other publications.

Though she spends much of her days coding and nights writing, Catherine always makes time to read, swim, and cheer her heart out watching her hometown NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.

Find Catherine on Twitter at @catherinehyeo and subscribe to her newsletter Creative Contemplation for more of her writings and musings.


The Color of Success Podcast is an intersection between Mental Health x Entrepreneurship.  The vision is to reduce shame and embarrassment of talking about mental health in ethnic minority communities. 

And on it, you will hear Asians, Asian Americans/Canadians, and ethnic minorities share their inspirational stories of advancing their careers, while addressing barriers and mental health challenges.   They talk about their successes and failures, strategies to build businesses, brands, and careers, and coping skills to deal with stress, anxiety, discrimination, and self-doubt.


And you should listen if you are looking to hear from a clinical psychologist & entrepreneur’s unique perspective on race/culture, mental health, racial equality, and entrepreneurs facing anxieties, sprinkled with Pop/K-Pop Culture.  My ultimate dream is to meet and interview BTS!


Yoona Chang is only sixteen years old but her world is already getting turned upside down. A devastating war threatens the Goryeo kingdom of ancient Korea that Yoona calls home.


One day a mysterious and handsome stranger arrives in Yoona's village. He is a prince of Vietnam. Yoona does not know it yet but she will soon set off on an adventure that forever changes her life.